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Saying Goodbye

So last week I decided I needed to get a grip, or take some control over my spending.  Well it has been a week and I am pretty proud of what I accomplished.  Though sad for a few loses.

I listed 10 items on eBay last Monday morning.  So far nine of them have sold for a total of $388.

I also listed three items on Fashionphile to sell back to them.  They have accepted to of the items so far for a total of $1800.

There is still one item on eBay and one on Fashionphile I am waiting on.

Not bad for one week right?

Though I have to have a moment of silence for me precious handbag "jewel". She was from Cruise 2013 Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Alma BB Studded.  I was obsessed with finding this bag.  I realize now that is crazy to say I was obsessed with finding a bag when there are so many more important things that I should obsess over.  But nonetheless I did obsess over this bag for a good few month.  I am so excited when I finally found out.  But in reality it wasn't a pra…
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Taking control over my shopping addiction

I don't know why, but this year more than any other year, my shopping addiction has really gotten to me.  Maybe as I have gotten older I have realized that all that material crap I collect doesn't really do anything except make me feel worse.  

I decided that I needed to make some serious changes in my life and the biggest change I wanted to make was around my financial freedom.  I have a well paying job, but with two kids, living in an expensive area and my issue with shopping it isn't leaving me with much left.  I think back over the past few years and all the shit I have bought.  Not many of those things mean anything to me right now.  They meant so much to me at the time.  Probably more to dig into on that topic.

I decided that my first step was to look at all the shit I have bought and decide what of it I actually wear or use.  I have spent all my money on rather than just keep it and try to save I might as well get rid of it and make some money back.  This thi…

Easy Tricks to Use Coconut Oil

I am always looking for ways to make my hair shiny, healthy and long....this is the first article I have read that gives me a variety of ideas as to how to use Coconut Oil and the benefits that I would be able to see right away.

Some of the highlights from the article:

1. Prevents Hair Loss
2. Repairs Damage
3. Makes your hair smooth
4. Fights dandruff
5. Kills lice
6. Gray Hair

I especially like the idea of putting coconut oil on my hair a few minutes before I shower.  That is one I can definitely do!!!

Read the article in its entirety here.

Easy Shoe Organization

Shoes are something that you spend a lot of money on and it is often hard to find just the right way to organize them.  There are many different theories and approaches to shoe organization to maximize the cost per wear.

One simple tip has to do with the shelving unit that you organize your shoes on.  I am not a fan of keeping the shoe boxes as they take up so much unnecessary room and you also cannot see your shoes.  Now everyone is different and depending on the type of shoes you have and the space you have to work in this can vary for each person.

For the average person you could easily eliminate a lot of mess in your closet by recycling your shoe boxes.  There are many different shelves that can be used to organize the shoes in your closet and again each space is different so the choice may vary.  One that is pretty common is a really simple shelving system that can hold flats, heels, sandals and tennis shoes.

Below is an sample of one that I recently used and the end results.  We…

Maximize Your Closet for Zero Dollars

I read a great article yesterday about low cost ideas that can make your closet work even harder for you year round.  I have always been a big believer in this idea and naturally thought I was the only one who ever did this.  I do not like to switch out my closet when the season's change.  My belief has always been to just layer.

So how do you get started?  If you have a great tank that you love to wear in the summer....there is no reason you can't wear it in the winter.  You just have to change the way that you style it.  Instead of wearing that tank by itself with shorts you simply just layer it up.  I actually did this today.

I have a green lace tank that I love to wear in the I threw it on, but rather than leaving it at that, I went ahead and added a drapey cardigan, then a leather jacket and a leopard scarf.  I am very layered but I am also very warm and leveraging items from my closet that I wear in the spring and summer rather than buying new items.

This is…

Oh how I love stars.....but do I love them this much?

I have been seeing some buzz about these new Stella McCartney jeans.  I am on the fence about them but the more I see them the more I want them!!  I think they would be a great addition to my spring wardrobe.  What do you think?

What are we all about here?