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Going you dare?

There is a huge trend going online right now......can you guess what it is?  We know the world is obsessed with selfies.  I admit it...I do it all the is totally obnoxious and why does anyone care?  Yet I continue to take them.  Now this new trend has taken the selfies to a whole new level.  This is the hottest trend with a message that is going on with celebrities and that is taking selfies without make up on...NO!!!!!!  How can they?

If you go on instagram right now you will find:

Over 90 million #selfie.

How is this even possible?  To take this trend and make it into a positive message is something that I just love.  There has actually been research about this recently published that "men think women are more attractive with 40% less makeup on."  How amazing is this?  All these years I have spent in front of the mirror and I could have saved myself a lot of time and money by cutting down.

A great article just came out talking about this trend of going "bare…

Hot Nails Colors for Spring 2014

Last week I received an email from Lucky magazine talking about the prettiest nail colors this year.  I am a huge fan of painting my nails.  I often will switch and start to use Shellac but then realize how limiting that can be.  I love to be able to change the colors of my nails more often and with some great product it is so easy to do.

Lucky Magazine 50 Prettiest Nail Colors

As I scrolled through the color options on this email, I landed on a few themes. 

Pale pretty pinks continue to be on trend....when is it not though??  Check out Pinterest for some great ideas on now to spice up a simple look.

Coral continues to be important in spring....what I love is the idea of using a brighter shade of color.  A little but more fun than the classic color.

Then the last look that I fell in love with is a frosted blue color.  It isn't a color I would typically wear but the shades that have come out lately are just stunning and not too out there.

I wouldn't suggest checking out pintere…

Top Trends for 2014

The other morning as I was driving in, I heard the top five trends of 2014 on Stars Entertainment Radio.  I realize that these "experts" of fashion on the radio are not the end all and be all for the year.  However one trend that struck a cord with me was this "sneaker trend". 

I saw a lot of this really start with the NY Fashion week last year with the release of the Nike Sky High Dunk City Sneakers that released with fashion week.  They were everywhere!!! 

It sounds as though this trend has been embraced by many and it becoming more mainstream.  It is here to least for the year. 

Everyone from the girl next door to celebrities were sporting sneakers last year. 

A few brands of note were Nike and Vans.  I am well stocked in Nike so I was quick to get on the Vans sneaker trend and just in time for the new Spring release.  Check out these beauties I will be sporting this Spring.

Always like to keep in fresh

I am always looking for new hair ideas.

I find doing the same hair style every day to be boring.

 I was reading through a magazine and came across this cute little do. It was so easy and super fun to wear.

Glitter is my Prozac

Every weekend I like to find a craft project to do with my girls.  I like to find a craft project that has multiple purposes - something creative and that also can exercise their little minds.  One idea I came across on a parenting website was to make snowglobe glitter jars.  The article shared that not only was the project of making these fun but when they were completed they can be used as a calming mechanism.  When the girls get in a panic or acting up they can shake their glitter jar and watch the glitter fall which should create a calming effect.

This project is so easy and the girls had so much fun making them. 

Supplies needed:

- small mason jar
- glitter glue
- loose glitter
- water

I set up the kitchen table with a table cloth and all the supplies.  The girls picked what glitter glue color they liked as well as the loose glitter and started dumping it into the empty jar.  One tip is that the glitter glue is the glitter that will fall to the bottom.  The loose glitter will flo…

Sparkle Fax

I have been a long time (I am talking 10 year) user of the Franklin Covey system.  It has never failed me.  This year I have been introduced into a whole new craze in organizational fun.  Now you all know that the Filofax has been around for years....I mean the 1920's!!!  But with the dawn of social media it has had a completely new resurgence.

Some fun facts about the company Filofax:

Filofax  a UK based company has for years been know for making quality leather personal organizers.  Interesting to learn that this company was originally known as Lefax and was in fact a US based company out of Philly.  The company exported a large amount of their product to the UK under the brand name Filofax.

Read more:

When I started to learn about this and the resurgence in this item, I was so intrigued with what I found.  Not only was the quality and color of the product amazing, but there was now so much that one can do with their own Filofa…

Oh you wanted me to save that?

For years my daughter has brought home piles of art projects, scrap paper, scribbles, rainbows and other crafts from school that I never know what to do with.  I usually will keep a few in a little storage box but as she has gotten older she has become much more attached to the artwork she has done.  On a daily basis she comes home with at least 6 items that she has done throughout the day that she cannot live without.

Recently I have tried to be sneaky and toss some of it out but the other day she found it in the trash and she scolded me sternly for it.  I realized in that moment I needed to come up with a better solution for her to be able to show off her great artwork and make sure she knows how proud I am of all the creativity she has. 

I started doing some research on Pinterest and came across a cute idea that I was able to modify to fit my personality and style.  It was so easy to do and my daughter is beyond delighted with it. 

The set up is very simple.  All you need if the …

A La La La Legging

Leggings....oh the most perfect little pants you can wear.  When you feel fat, when you feel skinny, these stretchy little gems can make all the difference in your day.  I love leggings but I make sure that I do not over wear them. 

When in comes to leggings there are a few ways that you can approach this.  The way that I like to purchase my leggings is that I typically do not spend too much money on the fun ones.  The silly little print ones I don't wear that often are not worth spending much money on.  These are fun pieces that you can add into your wardrobe; layer with tunics or under a fun dress.

I do believe that every woman needs to invest a little bit of money in the basics.  A pair of black basics are an item that you should splurge on as you will wear them time and time again over the years.  After years of trying and loosing I finally found the perfect pair.

Drum roll please......these are the Zella Live in Legging.  These are the most incredible pair of leggings that y…

A leg up

My sister and I often have conversations about leggings. These stretchy little gems have become a staple in most every women's wardrobe. It has taken me a few years to finally find the perfect pair of leggings. But before I share this magical secret it is important to understand a few critical rules about leggings. Some I have learned thanks to my sisters as we are all frequent users of leggings.

Two Rules of Leggings

The first key is that you want to find leggings that are not see through. I understand this sounds pretty obvious but you have no idea how often I see women wearing leggings that you can see flesh through. Typically cheaper leggings are more likely to be see through. To avoid see through effect in cheaper leggings you should buy a size larger to avoid over stretching and creating that grin through. 
The second rule is that when you wear your leggings you should always wear a shirt that covers your front areas and your back. Leggings are not jeans and shouldn't be…

Just to get things started in the new year

Something I have been hearing so much about that has shocked me, is the amount of people that do not wash their face before bed.  I know... I know... first world problem.  But seriously girls...I thought we all wanted gorgeous skin?  Why would you go to sleep with all the makeup on your face and let it roll all over the pillow and sit on your face all night.  That is so gross.  Take five minutes out of your night and take care of your skin.  It is the most important thing you can do.

Here is the steps I take every night when washing my face:

- Use warm water and wash all the makeup off my face.
- Use the Clarisonic with my same face wash to make sure I get all the make up off
- PAT!!!! dry your face....don't wipe it dry.
- Always use eye cream that you apply with your ring finer so you don't pull at that delicate eye skin
- I use an anti aging serum and then a night time cream - make sure you do your neck as well.  You don't want to be that lady with a great face and a nas…