Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A La La La Legging

Leggings....oh the most perfect little pants you can wear.  When you feel fat, when you feel skinny, these stretchy little gems can make all the difference in your day.  I love leggings but I make sure that I do not over wear them. 

When in comes to leggings there are a few ways that you can approach this.  The way that I like to purchase my leggings is that I typically do not spend too much money on the fun ones.  The silly little print ones I don't wear that often are not worth spending much money on.  These are fun pieces that you can add into your wardrobe; layer with tunics or under a fun dress.

I do believe that every woman needs to invest a little bit of money in the basics.  A pair of black basics are an item that you should splurge on as you will wear them time and time again over the years.  After years of trying and loosing I finally found the perfect pair.

Drum roll please......these are the Zella Live in Legging.  These are the most incredible pair of leggings that you will ever own.  Not only are they not see through and a fabulous price of $58.00 they are also reversible!!!  I love that one side of them are matte and the other side is shiny which gives you two fabulous looks in one pair of pants.

Nordstrom Zella Live In Legging

Trust me when I tell you these are the perfect pair of leggings.  Once you get into these you will never ever buy another pair of cheap black leggings again!!!!

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