Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A leg up

My sister and I often have conversations about leggings. These stretchy little gems have become a staple in most every women's wardrobe. It has taken me a few years to finally find the perfect pair of leggings. But before I share this magical secret it is important to understand a few critical rules about leggings. Some I have learned thanks to my sisters as we are all frequent users of leggings.

Two Rules of Leggings

The first key is that you want to find leggings that are not see through. I understand this sounds pretty obvious but you have no idea how often I see women wearing leggings that you can see flesh through. Typically cheaper leggings are more likely to be see through. To avoid see through effect in cheaper leggings you should buy a size larger to avoid over stretching and creating that grin through. 

The second rule is that when you wear your leggings you should always wear a shirt that covers your front areas and your back. Leggings are not jeans and shouldn't be worn like they are. If you can see any frontal portion or any back cheeks then you need to wear and longer shirt. 

These two simple rules will ensure that you are not wearing your leggings in a way that is not appropriate for others. 

Now I have done extensive legging research to find the perfect leggings to wear all year long. Look forward to that.....

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