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Glitter is my Prozac

Every weekend I like to find a craft project to do with my girls.  I like to find a craft project that has multiple purposes - something creative and that also can exercise their little minds.  One idea I came across on a parenting website was to make snowglobe glitter jars.  The article shared that not only was the project of making these fun but when they were completed they can be used as a calming mechanism.  When the girls get in a panic or acting up they can shake their glitter jar and watch the glitter fall which should create a calming effect.

This project is so easy and the girls had so much fun making them. 

Supplies needed:

- small mason jar
- glitter glue
- loose glitter
- water

I set up the kitchen table with a table cloth and all the supplies.  The girls picked what glitter glue color they liked as well as the loose glitter and started dumping it into the empty jar.  One tip is that the glitter glue is the glitter that will fall to the bottom.  The loose glitter will float to the top but it does add some extra sparkle when they are shaking them. 

Once all the colors of glitter are loaded into the jar; fill it with hot water, screw on the lid and shake vigorously to break up the glitter and glue chunks.  And viola you are done!!!


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