Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Oh you wanted me to save that?

For years my daughter has brought home piles of art projects, scrap paper, scribbles, rainbows and other crafts from school that I never know what to do with.  I usually will keep a few in a little storage box but as she has gotten older she has become much more attached to the artwork she has done.  On a daily basis she comes home with at least 6 items that she has done throughout the day that she cannot live without.

Recently I have tried to be sneaky and toss some of it out but the other day she found it in the trash and she scolded me sternly for it.  I realized in that moment I needed to come up with a better solution for her to be able to show off her great artwork and make sure she knows how proud I am of all the creativity she has. 

I started doing some research on Pinterest and came across a cute idea that I was able to modify to fit my personality and style.  It was so easy to do and my daughter is beyond delighted with it. 

The set up is very simple.  All you need if the following supplies:

6 clipboards
black and white acrylic pain
black and white glitter
pre cut letters from a craft store

Simply paint, glitter and hang and you are ready to go.  It is a great way to display your children's artwork as well as add a little art flair to your own decor

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