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Sparkle Fax

I have been a long time (I am talking 10 year) user of the Franklin Covey system.  It has never failed me.  This year I have been introduced into a whole new craze in organizational fun.  Now you all know that the Filofax has been around for years....I mean the 1920's!!!  But with the dawn of social media it has had a completely new resurgence.

Some fun facts about the company Filofax:

Filofax  a UK based company has for years been know for making quality leather personal organizers.  Interesting to learn that this company was originally known as Lefax and was in fact a US based company out of Philly.  The company exported a large amount of their product to the UK under the brand name Filofax.

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When I started to learn about this and the resurgence in this item, I was so intrigued with what I found.  Not only was the quality and color of the product amazing, but there was now so much that one can do with their own Filofax to be able to customize it and make it all their own.  I spent some time checking out instagram #Filofaxlove as well as reading blogs about what people have been doing with their organizational systems.

I was so eager to get my hands on one myself and check out what all this was about.  I fell in love with the bright yellow.  Such a fun cheerful color that could work all year round.  I chose the personal size which is much smaller than what I have been using for years at the same time I wanted to try to down size. 

I got a little out of control....I purchased washi tape to decorate my pages.  I bought specialty paper to make my own tabs that better coordinated with the planner itself.  I found some really cute tabs and books marks to add some unique character to it.  It is still a work in progress as I am only on my second week with it but so far I absolutely love it and look forward to opening it up every day.


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