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Top Trends for 2014

The other morning as I was driving in, I heard the top five trends of 2014 on Stars Entertainment Radio.  I realize that these "experts" of fashion on the radio are not the end all and be all for the year.  However one trend that struck a cord with me was this "sneaker trend". 

I saw a lot of this really start with the NY Fashion week last year with the release of the Nike Sky High Dunk City Sneakers that released with fashion week.  They were everywhere!!! 

It sounds as though this trend has been embraced by many and it becoming more mainstream.  It is here to least for the year. 

Everyone from the girl next door to celebrities were sporting sneakers last year. 

A few brands of note were Nike and Vans.  I am well stocked in Nike so I was quick to get on the Vans sneaker trend and just in time for the new Spring release.  Check out these beauties I will be sporting this Spring.


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