Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hot Nails Colors for Spring 2014

Last week I received an email from Lucky magazine talking about the prettiest nail colors this year.  I am a huge fan of painting my nails.  I often will switch and start to use Shellac but then realize how limiting that can be.  I love to be able to change the colors of my nails more often and with some great product it is so easy to do.

Lucky Magazine 50 Prettiest Nail Colors

As I scrolled through the color options on this email, I landed on a few themes. 

Pale pretty pinks continue to be on trend....when is it not though??  Check out Pinterest for some great ideas on now to spice up a simple look.

Coral continues to be important in spring....what I love is the idea of using a brighter shade of color.  A little but more fun than the classic color.

Then the last look that I fell in love with is a frosted blue color.  It isn't a color I would typically wear but the shades that have come out lately are just stunning and not too out there.

I wouldn't suggest checking out pinterest for this color right now as the versions that I have seen on there are scary.  But a very soft pale blue like this Essie color below is perfect.  I did this myself this weekend and added a little heart for Valentines day.  I love how it turned out.

Once you have selected the color that you want to try you HAVE to purchase a bottle of this top coat.  I will never use another top coat again.  I have kids and don't have time to sit there and let my nails dry.  This will dry your nails in no time, smooth out any mistakes you might have made and make your manicure last much longer.  I buy the giant bottle as I go through it!!!

Out the Door - best top coat ever!!!!

As always remember to do something a little special to your nails to make them stand out and look different.  Plain jane sometimes gets too boring for me.

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