Sunday, March 23, 2014

Going you dare?

There is a huge trend going online right now......can you guess what it is?  We know the world is obsessed with selfies.  I admit it...I do it all the is totally obnoxious and why does anyone care?  Yet I continue to take them.  Now this new trend has taken the selfies to a whole new level.  This is the hottest trend with a message that is going on with celebrities and that is taking selfies without make up on...NO!!!!!!  How can they?

If you go on instagram right now you will find:

Over 90 million #selfie.

How is this even possible?  To take this trend and make it into a positive message is something that I just love.  There has actually been research about this recently published that "men think women are more attractive with 40% less makeup on."  How amazing is this?  All these years I have spent in front of the mirror and I could have saved myself a lot of time and money by cutting down.

A great article just came out talking about this trend of going "barefaced" and the studies and reactions that people are receiving.  The exciting thing is that it has all been very positive.

I am going to take this challenge and continue to be more "natural" which in my case means make up is involved but significantly less. 

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