Thursday, January 21, 2016

Maximize Your Closet for Zero Dollars

I read a great article yesterday about low cost ideas that can make your closet work even harder for you year round.  I have always been a big believer in this idea and naturally thought I was the only one who ever did this.  I do not like to switch out my closet when the season's change.  My belief has always been to just layer.

So how do you get started?  If you have a great tank that you love to wear in the summer....there is no reason you can't wear it in the winter.  You just have to change the way that you style it.  Instead of wearing that tank by itself with shorts you simply just layer it up.  I actually did this today.

I have a green lace tank that I love to wear in the I threw it on, but rather than leaving it at that, I went ahead and added a drapey cardigan, then a leather jacket and a leopard scarf.  I am very layered but I am also very warm and leveraging items from my closet that I wear in the spring and summer rather than buying new items.

This is a really simple trick to get you through the winter with the clothes you already own.

Read the article here.

Here are some other versions and combinations that would work great all Winter and into Spring.

For other inspiration ideas it always helps to check out Pinterest and see what other combinations people have put together.

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